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Each chapter in a dissertation or thesis holds extreme importance, and scholars should be careful while writing every section. If one chapter turns out to be magnificent and another has a flawed structure or less than sufficient data, then the overall report will not be satisfactory. Hence, we provide dedicated assistance for drafting various chapters. This service has two distinct advantages:

  • Students learn to draft each chapter with perfection
  • Those who do not wish to get assistance for the entire project can opt for limited chapter wise help as an economic and time bound option

Our chapter wise assistance is especially beneficial for ESL students, who are not familiar with the style of writing and the structural rules. For many PhD students, it is not easy to cross language barriers when it comes to writing their theses in native English. We have been assisting all such students who need guidance on the development of their doctoral theses with the help of our eminent team of writers. Here is a list of the chapters that we assist you to draft:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research methodology
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Abstract

We not only provide consultation on the use of language, but also help you in writing and reviewing each chapter in a personalised manner. We help you in following all your institutional guidelines while structuring your thesis chapters in a systematic manner. You would usually be asked to write chapters in a sequence where Abstract, Introduction and Literature Review are first written. These are then followed by chapters on Methods, Results, Discussion and References. If there is any change in this sequence, then we ensure to follow your institution’s guidelines. Our writers include all relevant information in each chapter before delivering a comprehensive thesis.

We assure to provide a high-quality thesis with accurate and original content mentioned in each chapter. There are no ready to use chapters or prior dissertations that we hand over to our clients. Since each research work is unique and should reflect the knowledge and acumen of the writer, we draft chapters in a customised manner after a detailed discussion with clients.

Moreover, we only present a draft of the chapter, and not the final work which is to be submitted to the college or university board. This ensures that the students assess the chapters, learn the writing style and formatting rules, and then refine the final draft on their own. Hence, they are marked for their own work and not some copied chapter. They are also more confident about the content when presenting the work to the committee.

If you require help in drafting any specific chapter, send us a query or mail mentioning the chapter, its length, deadline and resources available.


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