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At Chanakya Research you will find an entire gamut of services, which aim to meet every requirement of research scholars and PhD candidates. To help you get an idea about the services and decide exactly which one would be suitable for you, here’s a snapshot of our offerings:

India PhD

  1. Topic And Synopsis Help: We help you to choose a topic that is innovative, unique and relevant, and matches your interests. Also get complete assistance for preparing thesis synopsis from scratch.
  2. Hire a Guide: Get a personal guide who is familiar with the research requirements of Indian universities.
  3. Proofreading: We will assign a team of proofreaders, who will correct every mistake in the document.
  4. Questionnaire Design: Get help to make a questionnaire that is simple, yet effective; is framed in easy language and extracts the best information.
  5. Drafting of Chapters: Our unique chapter wise assistance for PhD scholars. Place an order for the chapter that you feel is the toughest.
  6. Statistical Service: Our PhD statisticians help you in an interactive manner and follow the dual learning method so that you learn the most.
  7. Formatting: The format of your thesis will be perfect if you opt for assistance from our editors and consultants who know about the style to be followed.


  1. Proposal Assistance: Our assistance for proposal writing for UK scholars guarantees quick approval and a strong base for your research.
  2. Research Design: We ensure that all elements of the research design like method of data collection and analysis are perfectly given.
  3. Thesis Chapters: This service enables you to get assistance for one chapter at a time. It is economic and time bound.
  4. Editing Service: For a zero-error thesis, contact our team of editors who have been affiliated with UK universities.
  5. Statistics: Whether you are using SPSS, STATA, SAS, AMOS, Eviews or Excel, we have the expertise to help you in every way.
  6. Qualitative Analysis: For a typical qualitative analysis with complex content analysis or application of Nvivo, contact our team now.
  7. Referencing and Format: Our editors are well versed with all the styles of referencing and formatting like APA, Harvard, MLA, Turabian, AP and Chicago.


  1. Concept Paper: Be sure to get funding for your research or instant approvals for the project with our service for perfect concept papers.
  2. APA Editing Service: We have editors who have mastered the APA style of formatting and will guide you learn the style as well as apply it.
  3. Dissertation Coach: If you feel stuck at any point in your research work, then getting a personal dissertation coach will make the work easy and guarantee success.
  4. Statistics Consultant: It will be a boon to get a statistical consultant who will work with you at each step of the analytical process, solve queries, draw tables and guide you towards accurate results.

To place an order for any of our services, or get detailed information, contact our team or send us an online query now.


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