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Conducting a full-fledged research is a costly affair and it is a boon if you can get funding from the university or some other institution, which is related to your research project. In order to avail the funding, you must prepare an impressive concept paper. Since the content, presentation and length of the concept paper are all crucial factors that determine the decision of the funding body, you cannot take a chance while drafting the paper. A rejected concept paper might delay your project and cause financial burden. Hence, it is advisable to get assistance from professional writers for concept papers.

We have a team of erudite consultants and writers, who have ample experience in drafting and presenting concept papers. Many of our team members have also been on boards of review committees to judge concept papers; hence, they know the exact requirements and expectations of the committee members. This gives is an edge as we can commit to help you prepare a concept paper that meets all criteria and is sure to get an approval for funding. Here are some points that must be present in an ideal concept paper:

  • Details of the team or organization with which you are working
  • Description of the problem that your study aims to solve
  • Acknowledgment of the role that the funding authority can play in making the project a success
  • Clear statement of the research objectives and goals, mentioning the benefits that will accrue and the section of society who will benefit most from the solutions
  • The resources and amount of funding that will be required
  • Assessment of the methodology chosen for research
  • Timeline for completion of the project

Since a concept paper reflects your deep knowledge in your subject area of research while focusing majorly on your proposed research methodology, our advisors take care of noting down each of your concerns, ideas and propositions before recommending the right approach toward the development of a good concept paper. They help you in summarizing all your ideas and knowledge in an objective manner for the target audience. They also ensure that there is ample information and data supporting your proposal.

We help research scholars pursuing PhD in US in researching the concept well and giving a solid outline to the paper. We understand your concept and research design properly before advising you on the right way to write and present a comprehensive paper. At the same time, we focus on keeping the paper crisp and the language simple enough to understand. Our consultants advise you on the presentation techniques as well, so that you can gain confidence and poise.

Since there are several technicalities involved in developing an impressive concept paper, PhD candidates should not hesitate to take professional help of qualified writers while developing it. If you also wish to gain timely professional assistance, then you can contact us by sending an online query or email.


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