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Chanakya Research supports your qualitative research projects that require a different sort of data analysis and interpretation. Our dedicated team of analysts provides timely assistance to all PhD research scholars in UK who need help with different techniques of qualitative data analysis. The reason why we have designed a separate service for qualitative analysis is that the requirements for such research vary widely from quantitative research.

The different lies in the nature of information collected, as well as methods of analysis. The focus here is on finding the why and how of any event or phenomenon, and not just the when, where and who. The sample size is often much smaller than in a quantitative research and the methods of data collection include interviews, ethnography, grounded theory practice, focus group discussion, participant observation and study of journals and documents. The researcher needs to undertake a more personalised approach for such a study. Data is often recorded as transcripts of interviews, notes from field observation and excerpts from documents related to the subject. The presentation of results found from analysing such data is also done in a narrative style, rather than through tables and graphs.

Though classically suited to social science and humanities projects, qualitative analysis is now used on a wider base. Case studies are also a form of qualitative analysis; hence we include them in our periphery while offering help to scholars. We also undertake pilot testing of questionnaires of surveys to ensure their validity and effectiveness. Our mentors guide you in selecting the most suitable method of data collection by assessing various techniques and getting the task done within the deadline.

Our team of statisticians are adept at handling qualitative data sets and follow both deductive and inductive approach for analysis. Such analysis is often challenging as the data is non-quantifiable. Hence, understanding and coding of data is an essential step. We use all types of qualitative analysis tools that include, but are not limited to, NVivo, Open code 3.4 and Atlas. While we work on your project according to your study’s analytical requirements, we can also make use of a specific software package if your academic institution so demands. Our analysts are capable of handling all types of complex qualitative data that may include audiovisual recordings and other digitized materials.

We are capable of conducting multiple layers of analysis on your collected data. Whether it is about implementing microanalysis, phenomenology, typology or matrix analysis, we can handle your qualitative data through all varied techniques. Apart from data analysis, we can also assist you in designing your qualitative studies. This can make your study more reliable and credible.

To get an instant quote regarding our qualitative analysis service, you may fill up an online form on our website and send your query to us. We promise to deliver high-quality assistance by trained statisticians and analysts.


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