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Designing a research is like preparing the framework for the project and it lays the foundation on which the entire research will be based. For candidates pursuing PhD from a UK university, having a flawless research design is imperative. In order to support your efforts, we offer research design services that help you in giving an apt shape to your entire research project. Chanakya Research has a team of knowledgeable and experienced writers and consultants, who are well versed with different forms of research designs and will help you in a collaborative manner.

What is a research design?

The research design is the plan for the project, wherein a scholar has to state the following:

  • Resources to be used for literature review and how she is going to use them
  • Nature of research; whether it is qualitative or quantitative, descriptive or experimental, theoretical or based on a case study.
  • Research questions that must be answered by the scholar using various methods
  • The tools and techniques that will be used to answer the research questions
  • Research methodology and its various elements
  • Hypothesis on which the research is based
  • Nature of variables that are being used in the study
  • Tools being used for collection and analysis of data

Keeping a track of so many aspects and mentioning them in a cohesive, yet concise manner is not possible for a scholar who is preparing such a detailed document for the first time. This makes our research design service all the more valuable.

There are many elements that are essential for a perfect research design. It must be comprehensive and address all aspects of the project. It must be flexible as well as strong. This means that while the research design has to state the techniques and resources chosen clearly, it must not be so rigid that it prevents a change in case of altered circumstances. The design must be tested for all validity issues, so that there are no discrepancies in the research results. When our consultants work on preparing a research design for you, they pay attention to all these aspects.

Our research design assistance helps you in setting up appropriate hypotheses and methodology for your project. We assist you with the selection of right instruments and evaluation techniques. Our professional consultants also guide you on efficient data collection and management tools. Whether you are working on a qualitative or quantitative research project, our aim is to help you integrate an optimized design for it.

Crafting the right research design is perhaps the most important aspect of conducting research. That is the reason you should avoid taking any chances with the selection of such tools and techniques that you are doubtful of. We support all your design efforts and help you make the right choice at every step of this process. To know more about our research design services, you may send us an online query or ask for a quotation.


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