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Every research work is based on a hypothesis and to prove the same, scholars need to conduct statistical analysis of some sort. Even if you are conducting qualitative research, there are some tests that you will need to do by quantifying your variables. A PhD research project usually has multiple and complex data analysis requirements. Such requirements are sometimes difficult to meet, as research scholars do not have much patience and time to spend on learning statistical tools and techniques while applying them appropriately on their data sets. It is wiser to seek professional statistical assistance in this case.

We offer a complete range of statistical services to all PhD researchers who have been facing issues with data analysis and interpretation. Our experienced statisticians provide assistance on all quantitative as well as qualitative projects where in-depth statistical analysis is required. They sincerely consider each client project and its requirements before recommending relevant testing and analytical solutions. The process that we follow for providing this service is as follows:

  • The candidate needs to send us a request for statistical help
  • We will confirm the order and assign a statistician upon payment of fee
  • The statistician will discuss the project with the candidate. If there is statistical software prescribed by the university, he will follow the same. Otherwise he will choose an appropriate tool after discussion.
  • The relevant tests are selected and applied. Every step of each test is clearly depicted and explained to the candidate.
  • Our statisticians also state the rationale behind selecting a specific tool/test.
  • Required tables and graphs are drawn up to support the analysis
  • Once the analysis is complete, the results are inferred and discussed in detail
  • We prepare a report of the results for the discussion chapter

We use latest software packages for statistical analysis of your data. The packages frequently used by our team include SPSS, STATA, SAS, E-views, AMOS, R, Excel and Minitab. We make sure to use the latest versions of these tools and follow the steps with precision. Again, we use various types of statistical options (like tables, charts and graphs) to display and interpret your results.

We possess a team of over 20 full time and about 50 freelance PhD statisticians, who have been brought on board after a stringent selection process. They have expertise in various fields like management and marketing surveys, pharmaceuticals and medical research, finance and economics, as well as subjects in humanities. Having such a broad based team means that we always have a professional statistical expert to help you and work on your project. Plus, all the projects are completed in a timely manner, without any hassles.

Thus, all your statistical requirements can be solved through our service. To know more about this service or our team, send us an online query through our website.


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