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Chanakya Research provides professional statistics consultants for US PhD students who face problems with data analysis and interpretation. The need for mentoring for statistical analysis arises because of the complexities associated with this area of research. Several scholars are proficient in their respective fields of study, but are not so capable when it comes to analyzing complex sets of data. While there are analytical requirements in all research reports, the level of difficulty is higher in quantitative research, as the entire project depends on quantifiable variables and their manipulation.

Various analytical programs and tools that are prescribed by the colleges for researchers pose another problem, as they find it tough to keep track of the changes that happen in the technology and methods of using the programs. Hence, they need some guidance from experts who are well versed with the various tools and can guarantee accurate application of required tests. Our team can help you deal with all kinds of statistical tools and testing procedures, as well as can guide you on the best way to analyze your qualitative or quantitative research data. Our statistical consultation services reach beyond mere testing of data and include the following:

  • Provide help with setting up your hypotheses
  • Data management and organization
  • Suggest the most appropriate sampling techniques and guide with the sampling process. We also advice on the sample size according to the objectives of research
  • Decide on data collection methods and the media that must be used
  • Help with formation of questionnaire
  • Provide the rationale behind choosing a particular testing technique and tool
  • Prepare graphs, charts and tables required to explain the testing process
  • Assist with interpretation of results and drafting of discussion chapter
  • Prepare candidates for dissertation defense by explaining all the steps of analysis

Our team of statisticians constantly strives to assist you to handle all your complex data and turn it into useful information. Analytical reports, framed by skilled writers in a comprehensive and simplified manner, are also provided to PhD candidates. Our statisticians consider your specific study design and needs before they recommend any analytical solutions to you.

To avail statistical consultation, you need to provide us an idea about the data required and surety that such data will be available. You will also need to tell about the deadline for completion and collaborate with our statisticians throughout the analytical process. As we follow an interactive mode of solving problems, we insist that candidates be involved in the process and suggest any changes if necessary. The team of over 25 PhD statisticians is adept at applying programs like SPSS, SAS, R, Stata, AMOS, EViews and Excel.

We can work under tight deadlines and provide most accurate results. Ask for a quote by sending an online query through our website. Our representatives are always ready to support you.


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