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If you have qualified the required exams and are over with your coursework and proposal defense for your US PhD course, then you might be at a stage where you are holding an ABD (all but dissertation) status. Since this is a crucial stage where you need to complete your research and dissertation work, you might not want to delay any process or skip any deadline.

Due to many challenges in completing the dissertation required for attaining the doctoral degree, a large number of scholars quit after sticking for some time with ABD status. Chanakya Research is dedicated to furthering academic progress and research. Hence, we aim to help students cross the barriers and get ahead from the ABD status.

The main reason why doctoral candidates get stuck in the ABD phase is that after completing the other requisites for the course, they are supposed to work independently. Hence, they find it difficult to go on and lose motivation to complete the research. They might also get busy with jobs after passing comprehensive exams and not get enough time to conduct research. Lack of resources that are required to write the dissertation is another factor that scholars have to overcome. Last, but not the least, they may not be able to get past the ABD status because of lack of information on how to complete research and prepare dissertation.

We understand this important phase of your doctorate course and support you with the help of our able team. Scholars will be able to cross the barriers that stand in their way of attaining a PhD degree if they follow some simple suggestions:

  • Start preparing for the dissertation early in the course of your PhD tenure. If you wait until the last minute, then the possibility of losing enthusiasm is greater.
  • Draft a strong and realistic proposal. If your proposal is clear enough and provides a strong framework for research, then not only will it be easily approved, it will also make it simpler to write the actual dissertation.
  • Practice writing and documentation. At the PhD level, most scholars find it tiresome to sit for long hours and pen down the findings of the research or take notes. If you write a few pages every day, the practice will help you in the end.
  • Plan a research project that is worthwhile but not too ambitious. If the objectives are too farfetched or the methodology is highly complicated, then they act as detractors.
  • Choose a field of research and a topic that you are genuinely interested in and that will help you in promoting your career, as well.
  • Get guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced guide, who will be able to remove your doubts and dedicate ample time towards completion of research work.
  • Seek help from a professional editor who will be able to refine your document and remove all flaws

If you are on the right track from the beginning, then there is no doubt that you will get rid of the ABD status and achieve the coveted PhD degree.


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