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Dissertation is an important piece of work which is usually carried out at the end of an academic session in support of candidature for the degree. The aim of this activity is to provide a valuable, relevant knowledge in written format. The research includes various kinds of activities. Some of the most prominent one includes following:

Selecting an appropriate topic: The topic must be selected as per the interest of the scholar. It should be researchable and of moderate to high importance
Identifying relevant data set, data size and participants involved in the research
Research methodology i.e. qualitative or quantitative research methods
Statistical testing and other experiments
Analyzing the outcome of testing

Chanakya Research is an active division of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offering services across various academic levels. There are experts available in different domains who guide the end users on various aspects of research and thesis writing. There are experts at various levels like:

  • Content writers
  • Content editors
  • Experts in subject matter
  • Experts for statistical testing
  • Scientists and other technicians

Initially, a student or scholar has to develop an initial draft, which ideally should have been approved by the review committee. This draft must be posted for the experts to work on it. The agenda to improvise the matter is quite simple and efficient. At every step of development, proper feedback is taken from the end user to ensure the requirement is met in the most efficient manner. Research work includes referencing from pre-existing literatures, manuscripts or at times other dissertation work on similar topics. Content is tested for accuracy, usefulness and contribution to the academia. The procedure is carried out step by step for ease of user understanding. At Chanakya Research, there are experts for deciding upon research methodology, relevant data set and statistical analysis. On completing the required formalities including the analysis step, the team moves towards the final conclusion part. The final product follows formatting style as per specifications; it can be APA style, Harvard or MLA style. The end product delivered to the user can be modified or changed as per the user requirement. These are incorporated until desired outcome is obtained based on pre-defined specifications. The final work ensures plagiarism free content with no spelling or grammatical errors.

Consultation and services are provided for PhD and Master's level. You can get in touch with the team at or through our Linkedin Page .

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